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Landscaping. It is in our name. Call Elite Construction and Landscaping for all of your property maintenance needs.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

Before and after peak growing seasons, properties must be cleared of branches, debris, and dead leaves, flowers and plants to maintain appearances and keep the surrounding foliage healthy.

Beginning in late March and early April, depending on weather conditions and the last of winter snowfall, it is time to remove any fallen branches and leaves from lawns and maintained areas. Cutting back perennials, trimming bushes and edging the grass readies your property for spring growth.

When the leaves begin to fall, its time to get them off the lawn, out of the beds to keep them from impeding the growth of plants and grasses competing for growth under declining light levels and cooler temperatures. From mid-October until all the leaves have fallen, we continue keeping your property healthy and looking good!

Spring and Fall are natural times to reassess your landscape design and make plans to augment or change direction. We can advise you on the optimal time to install seasonal plantings, trees and shrubs.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawn looking good this week and every week!

Generally, grass grows fastest in this region from the beginning of April until about the middle of October. During that time period, it is important to cut grass properly to keep it healthy. String trimming and edging around sidewalks and beds are essential to maintaining a manicured look. Removing clippings from driveways and walkways are among those finishing touches that make all the difference!

Call us today and set the bar high on your block!

Mulching and Bed Maintenance

Special spaces need extra-special care. Flower beds and areas that include shrubs, trees and landscape art need to be kept free of weeds and debris. There should be clear lines of demarcation between the lawn and the bed for the most pleasing appearance. This can be accomplished in a number of ways: machine edging, gravel, pavers, paths or retaining walls. Maintaining a manicured look requires regular attention.

Mulching is a great way to conserve the water your plants need to survive. And as mulch naturally breaks down, it releases nutrients that enhance the soil. It reduces weed growth and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your overall landscape design. Its color contrast alone will draw attention to other plantings and hard-scape features. There are many different kinds that can be applied. They vary in color, texture and composition.

Let us recommend a plan to highlight those special planting areas on your property.

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Landscaping Construction

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Elite completed my basement bathroom in no time. High quality work at a more than a fair price. They work on your property like it is their own.”

~ Seth – York, PA

“Reasonable prices, for high quality work! They did my floors and they go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. Will definitely be using them again!”

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“Professional reliable services. These guys can do it all. From making your yard look beautiful to making your house look brand new! Great work at a fair price from a small company who cares about the customer!

~ Tim – York, Pa

“Reasonable prices, for high quality work! They did my floors and they go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. Will definitely be using them again!”

~ Dani – York, PA

“Great family owned company!”

~ Aubry – York, PA
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